Penguin Books – Whats the Story?

Please have a look at the video below and fill out the survey – I’m pitching an idea and could do with as much feedback as I can!

A video gives you clues to a famous Penguin book title. You put your guess in the comments and if you’re right then you go into a prize draw for a special prize.

The video would appear on Penguin social media sites i.e. Facebook and Instagram. It might work that the first day viewers would see a short version, which expands day by day until the answer is revealed

The activity could be shown around a particular season or event i.e. Book Week

The benefit for the brand is to diversify the social content and offer consumers more involvement – currently the content is mostly about individual titles but I think that part of Penguin’s audience like the brand and would welcome content that plays to that.

You might need to view the video at full screen to see the detail, it comes up a bit small on my phone… also, there are seven survey monkey questions at the bottom but it defaults to putting them in a box that only shows three, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom.

Thanks for your input. I’m not looking for approval, but to verify that the concept comes across and how I can make it more engaging, so say whatever you like – I wont be offended!

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