Socialise with an iconic brand

Watch the video here:

(It’s a rough idea for a social media content format..)

Why do it?

The benefit for the brand is to diversify the social content and build on a brand that consumers are already warm to. It also provides a simple and cost effective competition mechanic which would increase both traffic and engagement.

The benefit for the brand’s social audience is more involvement with this much-loved and iconic brand.

How it works

The video would appear on Penguin social media sites i.e. Facebook and Instagram.

The video shows clues to a famous Penguin book title. Users put their guess in the comments to enter a prize draw for a special prize. On day one, viewers would see a short version, which expands day by day until the answer is revealed

The activity could be shown around a particular season or event i.e. Book Week

Other episodes:

Each visual story would include a reference to the classic Penguin cover design: the colour stripes and visual devices. This creates a satisfying sense of discovery for the viewer.


The clue format could be different – in my research I found the above to be most popular, but many different and intriguing puzzles are possible

Regarding its longevity, please swipe through a few thoughts below – the possibilities are endless:

What it might look like in situ:

Thanks for your time!

The format could run and run – Classics, Puffin, different genres such as music and film. It could be a great fun way to give Penguin’s audience contact with a beloved brand

The penguin is also available for other gigs. As you can see he is a versatile performer, well trained, well-read and with an extensive wardrobe. While he’s currently carrying a little extra timber, he can slim down should the role require it. His rates are surprisingly reasonable.

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If you feel that I should discuss this with someone else please dont hesitate to share with them, or to forward their details to me.

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